The new

I thought it was finally time to update my personal site to something a little more modern, and frankly, up to date.  I had not really done anything with the old site since 2009 so a lot of things have changed since then.   I started my own business, which has become wildly successful.  Then I got married.  We bought a new house and remodeled it.  Now we have a baby on the way, due December 2014.

On the truck side of my life, Dodge Off Road has grown from a very small hobby business, to a worldwide leader in our industry with customers in 15 different countries, and adding more all the time.  People ask me all the time what it is that I do, and that’s not easy to answer unless you know 4×4 trucks or at least have some mechanical understanding.  But basically, I make heavy duty truck parts for Dodge Ram 4×4 trucks, mostly in the suspension and steering systems.  Our parts are unique in that they are stronger, better-designed, and basically last forever.  We also specialize in building suspensions for trucks that are used off road, in a variety of terrains.  You can check us out at

Anyway, the site is changing and I’ll try to keep it simple.   I’m using WordPress now so the format is changing up, but it should be easy to use.  The old links are still valid so you can see some of the old pages by using the menu to the right.  I’ll be adding some new content as time allows.  Thanks for checking out the site.