I’ll try to put up a list of all part numbers, cost, and where to buy them as soon as I get time. I’ve considered making an even more cost effective DIY kit where we supply the motor mounts and transmission mount for those who can’t fab but can weld. We’ll see what happens.

Front suspension
Transmission adapter required for swap
Tiny little V6
5.7 Hemi V8
Transmission cooler. Power steering cooler added later.
This is the only plug you have to wire yourself if you already have an automatic Jeep, and there are only 3 wires you have to install. They are labeled and pop right in once the plug cover is loose.
Console swap – we tried to use the WK shifter because it’s a slap shift, but it’s a no-go. So we just got an 07-11 automatic console and shifter, replaced the plate underneath and added a new cable and a different transfer case cable bracket.
Custom AC lines that we had to make. Using the JK factory lines from the firewall, we cut the ends off and welded new fittings to them so we were able to run standard AN fittings and crimped fittings the rest of the way. I couldn’t find a kit that would work on the LX motor, most people do the swap with a VVT/truck motor. Jeep speed shop has those lines available. This hose and fitting kit was $89 from JeepAir.com and then I got the Hemi compressor adapter fittings for $65.

Helpful Links:

Some of these links were helpful when I was trying to figure out what parts I needed to do the swap before everything was taken apart.