This page doesn’t even need to exist. But here you go. Questions I get asked more often than others.

Do you want to buy some ads?

No. Radio, newspaper, magazine, and other local ads do nothing for my businesses because we don’t sell locally and I don’t really want to. It’s much easier to sell online and not have to deal with walk-in traffic. We can ship 50 orders in the time it takes to work on one truck, it just doesn’t make sense to deal with local sales except in some very rare instances.

Are you related to the Gaston family with the resort?

Yes, I’m sadly the oldest one alive, but I don’t have anything to do with the resort anymore. I sold all of my stock in 2006. Jim was my grandpa, I learned a lot about life and business from him. Eric and Lisa were my parents, they were the most down-to-earth people you would ever meet. Clint is my little brother and he runs the resort now, very successfully I might add. It’s a fourth generation family business, something you don’t see very often. The resort is a very special place to a lot of people, including me. I just don’t enjoy that line of work as much as I enjoy what I do now. Plus the hours are a lot more family-friendly with my current business, and that’s why I do what I do. I work to live, not live to work.

Can I hunt on your land?

No. I bought it for me and my family to enjoy, I don’t want other people out there except when I invite people out. It’s where I can get away from the world and get a mental reset, I don’t want to deal with other people’s BS. But if you’re really cool I might let you go out there with me sometime. Just don’t talk too much or I’ll tie you up to a tree and smear honey all over you for the bears.