Quick Facts

Born 1983.
Attended MH schools, graduated 2001.
Started working at age 8 for $2/hour on Saturdays. Spent my whole paycheck on candy.
Went full time at age 16.
Salaried manager at age 18.
Part owner at age 21.
Started my first business in 2005 (Quiznos franchise).
Started 2nd business in 2010 (Dodge Off Road).
Started 3rd business in 2018 (Gaston Manufacturing).

Currently own 7 different companies and 36 websites in 2020. Not all of them are worth mentioning yet but are just placeholders for future plans.

My Deal

I was always a smart kid, but I hated school. So I had a great GPA and got a 31 on my ACT the first try without studying, but I barely graduated high school due to excessive absences. I actually had to appeal to the school board and high school administration to graduate. Dropped out of college twice, 8 years apart, while I was on the Dean’s List and had a full ride scholarship. It just didn’t make sense to stay when I was making more money than the people teaching me. I’m a very pragmatic thinker, with a low tolerance for stupidity, and I am highly annoyed most of the time. But I think I do a pretty good job of hiding it.

I’ll add more if I get bored or if this page really needs to even be here. I just needed to put something on the About Me page that is part of this template. I really don’t assume that people even care to read this.